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Digital Marketing Strategy Done Right

Yeah, it's true. I used to present myself as a really good web developer, I have leveled up to offer you a better service. First step to start a business online, or creating a digital presence for your already set up business is creating a Digital Marketing Strategy. Studying the competitors, identifying your USP and your target audience is the base to create a strategy that will define your website, your ads, your social media accounts... Do you need a professional looking website? Set up an online shop that keeps giving you income as you work in something else? Let's work together. Level up your business, invest into digital marketing and you will get bigger clients.
We will work together for your business to grow and we will review the Analytics every month.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Kenya for your business growth.

100% TRUE


Apart from Digital Marketing and Web Development I like to work with kids. Right now I have many plans for the children of Kibera, both in the school and the home. There is more information about this in the Kenya section. My plan is to combine my own work with external support for the mission, so if you want to help it can be done by donations and recommending me to clients!

My Dream is to be a missionary like Paul, who worked for the missions and also building tents to support himself.

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digital marketing and missions


Offering you the best digital marketing services, with real and honest reports and part time with the kids from the school in Kibera slums and the children's home. Still in process.
Also being able to help their needs and provide them with fun activities during their holidays because Kibera is not such a good environment.


I had the honor of working with Dan, who has been a great companion and friend during the process of designing and developing websites for our clients. No doubt one of the most important things to value from him is his capacity to learn new specific skills when needed, what makes him much better with each project"

Pablo Coronel

Dan was a great employee during the two years he spent with me. Mindful, efficient and tidy with his work, he never had a "no" for an answer and always tried as much complicated the job was. He is a worker that will bring an added value to the company, and I'm thankful for his work with me at Factory129.

Gerard Freixa

Dan worked with me for a long period as Web Developer at Factory129. During all that time, he was able to fulfill all my requests that, as graphic designer, I asked him almost on a daily basis, and if there was any he didn't know how to solve, he would find a solution and at the end it always succeeded. He's calm, professional, kind and he brings a good atmosphere into any company. Both on-site or in remote, i recommend Dan 100%

Ramon Marques
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