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About Me

I’m a Super Saiyan website developer

90’s kid, studied Software Development, got some jobs and then decided to go freelance. Moved to Barcelona, grew in experience, older but not wiser. Yeah, I also studied hacking by himself, yeah it worked…

After working for a few years I realized that most people come to me asking for a website, but that’s not what they needed.
When someone tells me “I need a website”, my first question is “why?”, I could have asked how, or when, but why is the best question to understand the client.
Most common answers are “I need more clients” or “I want my brand to grow”.
For me, a website is a tool to achieve that goal and I discovered that I can solve clients problems by advertising their website, not only creating one.

I will create a digital marketing strategy for you and implement it so we can get the best targeted audience to visit your website and transfrom these visits into customers.
Moved to Kenya, working as a volunteer for the Garden of Eden Ministry.
But you know? Heroes also eat.


Web Design is my forte. I've been building websites since I learnt using the text editor. Most of my works are WordPress, but there are also some of them made just by code.

SEM is advertising your site on Google. If you have a Sports Shop for instance, you will want to be on the top search results when someone looks for ``running shoes`` or ``buy tennis gear`` on Google.

Keep working with the kids in Kenya is a priority, if it wasn't I wouldn't be here. There's so much to do in different ministries! Keep updated on instagram.

WANNA WORK WITH ME? You will be supporting my work in Kenya by doing so!

My Process for Your Digital Marketing Strategy:

Define Goals
Find your mission statement. what does your business stand for?
Identify your USP, Unique Selling Point
Identify and segment your Audience
SWOT Analysis
Competitors Analysis
Keyword Research (Relevance – Traffic – Competition)
Working with Search Engines, SEO + SEM
Google Display Ads


I believe this is how I define myself. Stronger front-end developer but also able to create/change PHP content. HTML, CSS, jQuery... that's all mastered. And SEO it's like a rating, so I like it.
For SEM (Search Engine Marketing) I have a certification from Google and all my ads get an ``Excellent`` rating by them. This means that they are optimized and you will get the best results optimized for every budget.
Other skills include Databases, Server Management, Android Apps... You can check below my LinkedIn and other accounts.