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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

Search Engine Marketing is advertising your website on Google.

When a person tries to find something on google they type in a word or phrase, this is a search query. The search engine compares that query to a catalog of websites, pulling the best matches for the searcher. Google’s goal is to create the most relevant list of results, which are links to websites, local businesses listings like Google Maps, items for sale, images, maps, videos…

Let’s say you have a coffee shop in Westlands and someone searches for “coffee shop” on their phone. Google knows that this person is around Westlands so it will show results based on this person location. That’s the best opportunity for you to be on the search results page.


Words entered into the search engine indicate the searcher is interested in products or services right now

How do search engines work?

They all perform 3 tasks:

  1. Crawling: They examine content and learn from websites
  2. Indexing: They categorize each piece of content in different categories
  3. Ranking: They decide which content is more useful to the searcher


Working with Google Ads

Google Ads is like an auction house for keywords. Different businesses are bidding different amounts to be displayed on top of the search results.

Winning the auction doesn’t always depend on having the highest bid, search engines reward ads and keywords with strong relevance for the search, so relevant ads with good score can be on top with lower bids.

Being on top of search results will translate into more traffic of people interested in your service or product

First, when choosing the keywords I study the best ones based on:

Relevance – Traffic – Competition

So if you have a coffee shop, I know the word “coffee” will have a lot of traffic, people searching for “coffee farms” or “buy kenyan coffee” will see your ad. This keyword will also have a lot of competitors so the bid for this one will be higher.
Instead, using the keyword “coffee shop”, “coffee westlands” or “cafe westlands” will be way more relevant, and smaller traffic and competition, meaning that bidding on this one will be much more economic.

As a certified Digital Marketer by Google I always make sure my ads hit the “excellent” quality score, so we can get the best results for your budget. This is the most efficient way to advertise on Google.

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I believe this is how I define myself. Stronger front-end developer but also able to create/change PHP content. HTML, CSS, jQuery... that's all mastered. And SEO it's like a rating, so I like it.
For SEM (Search Engine Marketing) I have a certification from Google and all my ads get an ``Excellent`` rating by them. This means that they are optimized and you will get the best results optimized for every budget.
Other skills include Databases, Server Management, Android Apps... You can check below my LinkedIn and other accounts.