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Web Design

I’ve built many websites so far, you can check some of them on the portfolio.
I have studied web design to build them in the most optimized way for SEO (Google ranking your website up there on search results), mobile optimized (fast loading, lightweight and responsive design) and safe (protecting the site from attackers).


This is my process:

  • Hosting: I work with a server in Barcelona, they give me really good support and it’s on a great placement, best location between America, Europe and Africa.
  • Database: Protecting the database by using custom tables and strong passwords is key to protect your website.
  • Free SSL: Let’s Encrypt Certificate To Have The https ready in your website.
  • Photo Optimization: Compressing photos for the website, delivering them in the right size and adding meta data to them is very important for SEO and load times.
  • Plugins: There’s a list of plugins I trust based on my working experience. These include security like Wordfence, SEO plugins like Yoast and useful plugins like sliders, contact forms, chats…
  • Functionality: I double check that all buttons, emails, contact forms are working prefectly before delivering a website to a client.
  • Responsiveness: Then I check everything is still working on mobile, make sure that all menus and buttons are visible and clickable when the responsive design changes the layout of the page.
  • Google Analytics: I install the tracking code provided by Google, with this we will be able to analyze the visits on the website, how many visitors, what pages do they visit, where do they come from etc…
  • Performance and SEO: There are some nice tools online that analyze your website in terms of SEO and performance. Basically they check that the page is not too heavy so it won’t load slowly specially on phones. These tools also check if the website is Search Engine Optimized, what means that Google will rank you higher.
  • Client Review: Then when you review the website maybe you have some changes, after making those changes I go back to step 3 and make sure after all the changes the website is still getting a great score.

WANNA WORK WITH ME? You will be supporting my work in Kenya by doing so!


I believe this is how I define myself. Stronger front-end developer but also able to create/change PHP content. HTML, CSS, jQuery... that's all mastered. And SEO it's like a rating, so I like it.
For SEM (Search Engine Marketing) I have a certification from Google and all my ads get an ``Excellent`` rating by them. This means that they are optimized and you will get the best results optimized for every budget.
Other skills include Databases, Server Management, Android Apps... You can check below my LinkedIn and other accounts.