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Kenya: Loving & Doing

After creating and updating the website for the NGO, I felt like I needed to do more, not only updating it. I contacted them to ask if I could help more, they gave me the email of a few places to ask. Later I quit my job and started getting ready to come to Kenya. Here I’ve been teaching in a school in Kibera, sharing life and happy moments with the kids in the Children’s home... These kids are in need of someone to play and also affection. Even though I can talk to people about God and Jesus you won’t see me preaching. Nowadays we can find many books talking about activities, meetings, comittees, resolutions of christian people… but how many can we find about their acts?

Mission planning

This is the document I presented to churches and friends, trying to raise some support for this adventure. Here you can find more about who I am, my background, what I am doing here, why... So it's really worth to read it and if you are thinking about helping with a donation at the end of the document you can find the bank or paypal, and i'll be thankful.

Work & Support

As you can find on my document my plan is to work and being able to support myself. So I'm trying to reach a point where 50% of my expenses will be covered by my work (that's the objective of the website, advertise myself) and the other 50% by donations.
The objective is to reach 500€ per month, and we are improving!
If you can't help directly with money you can help by sharing the website. Sharing the mission planning document and mostly praying too! I'm really thankful to all my supporters <3

Monthly Support

Receiving 190€/month from all my supporters

Yes I know, there's almost not info here about what I'm doing in Kenya, but what you can do is following me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, I upload videos and updaes there. Also there are two sections under the Kenya menu, quests is where you can find more of future things to do, or projects. Achievements is for those completed tasks that were successful. Hope you like it!